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What is ICS?

The Incident Command System (ICS) is a standardized, on-scene, all-hazard incident management concept in the United States. It is a management protocol originally designed for emergency management agencies and later federalized. ICS is based upon a flexible, scalable response organization providing a common framework within which people can work together effectively. These people may be drawn from multiple agencies that do not routinely work together, and ICS is designed to give standard response and operation procedures to reduce the problems and potential for miscommunication on such incidents. ICS has been summarized as a "first-on-scene" structure, where the first responder of a scene has charge of the scene until the incident has been declared resolved, a superior-ranking responder arrives on scene and seizes command, or the Incident Commander appoints another individual Incident Commander.

What is NIMS?

The National Incident Management System (NIMS) is a comprehensive, national approach to incident management that is applicable at all jurisdictional levels and across functional disciplines.

The intent of NIMS is to:

- Be applicable across a full spectrum of potential incidents and hazard scenarios, regardless of size or complexity.

- Improve coordination and cooperation between public and private entities in a variety of domestic incident management activities.

What are the Minimum Training Requirements for my Department or Agency under the State of Maine's NIMS Compliance Objectives?

The State of Maine has developed a NIMS Training Matrix to provide a set of standardized training requirements for individuals and organizations that are involved with responding to or managing emergency incidents. It is designed to be a set of standards that are in consonance with the letter and spirit of Federal directives, that are achievable and sustainable, and that meet the needs of the State.

While no single set of standards is likely to fit every conceivable instance, the requirements outlined in the matrix will meet the vast majority of situations in Maine. Associated with this matrix is a copy of the 2012 NIMS guidance pertaining to the expected audience for this training.

Where can I find Training?

Many of the basic ICS and NIMS courses are available online at www.training.fema.gov. IS 100.b and 700.a , Introduction to ICS and Introduction to NIMS respectively, are also frequently taught by our agency at various locations throughout the county as requested. Please consult our calendar for dates, times and locations.

IS 200.b is only available online at the FEMA training website. Please remember to forward a copy of your certificate after completing a course so that we may record it in our records and so that we may update the training information for your agency or department in the NIMSCAST national NIMS compliance database.

ICS 300 and 400 are only available in the classroom setting. They are offered periodically at various sites in Androscoggin County and throughout the state.

If you would like to host or need to attend an ICS/NIMS course, please consult our calendar or contact us to either sign up for or to schedule a class.

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