Androscoggin County
Local Emergency Planning Committee

Androscoggin LEPC Membership

LEPC membership requirements call for at least fourteen (14) members representing each of fourteen (14) groups.

Current membership is as follows:

 Elected State and Local Officials
 Law Enforcement
 Emergency Management
 Emergency Medical Services (EMS)
 Local Environmental
 Transportation Personnel
 Broadcast and Print Media
 Citizens Living near Local Facilities
 Employees Working in Local Facilities
 Community Groups
 Owners and Operators of Facilities

Total 69 Members
76 Positions Represented
(Some members represent more than one position)


new Tier2 Submit 2011 now available at EPA site

Annual SERC Facility Letter 2011

2011 Tier2 Reporting Workshops - Brewer, Augusta, Portland

Facility Registration/Inventory Worksheet

Maine LEPC Membership Application Form

HazMat Registration & Inventory Fee Instructions

Sample Letter

Toxic Release Reporting Form Instructions

State Hazardous Materials Forms Library

AR-1 Form

Androscoggin LEPC Members and Alternates

LEPC Chairperson Philip Morgan, Member at Large
LEPC Secretary Joanne G. Potvin, Dir., Andros. EMA
LEPC Vice Chair John Silvestri, Member at Large
Dana Beaulieu, General Electric
Anne Paradis, General Electric
Jessica Smith, Pioneer Plastics
Mike Rodrique, Pioneer Plastics
Jon Wallingford, Pepsi Bottling Group
Mark Anthony, Pepsi Bottling Group
Anna Russo, Savage Safe Handling
Richard Stanley, Savage Safe Handling
Mark Dobransky, Tambrands, Inc
Bob Papsis, Tambrands, Inc
Dale Bryant, W.D. Matthews Machinery Co.
Marian Howe, W.D. Matthews Machinery Co.
Andrew T. Moore, Maine Army National Guard
Mark Lauze, Maine Army National Guard
Richard Deans, Paris Farmerís Union
Marc West, Paris Farmerís Union
Clark Phinney, Maine Oxy
Larry Bates, Maine Oxy
Paul Forgues, Elmet Technologies, Inc.
Isabel Burlingham, Elmet Technologies, Inc.
Keith Ouellette, Wal-Mart Food Distribution Ctr #7014
Keith Blais, Wal-Mart Food Distribution Ctr #7014
Ray Potter, Bates College
Raymond Jackson, Lewiston Crop Production Services
David Lane, Lewiston Crop Production Services
Josh Thomas, NITCO Materials Handling Solutions
Jim Linsley, NITCO Materials Handling Solutions
Scott Allocca, FairPoint
Barney Boynton, FairPoint
Peter Anania, Grow-Tech Inc.
David Ettinger, Boralex Livermore Falls LP
William Parker, Boralex Livermore Falls LP
James Arnau, Poland Spring Bottling
Aaron Bell, Northeast Agricultural Sales
Sid Hazleton, Auburn Water District Office
John Storer, Auburn Water District Office
Scott Loewe, Kellogg Snacks
Barb Mantarro, Kellogg Snacks
Bill Peters, BJís Wholesale Club
Jon Maloney, BJís Wholesale Club
John Koris, Pike Industries - Poland
Johnathon Olsen, Pike Industries Ė Poland
Jason Seyfried, FPL Energy
Susan Calderon, Verizon Wireless
Michelle O'Brien-Corp, Home Depot Store #2403
Anne Gordon-Store, Home Depot Store #2403
Geoffrey Low, Auburn Fire Dept
Stephen Brezinski, DEP
Calvin C. Reuling, Jr., DCP Midstream
Perry Robichaud, Unitil
Gordon Riordon, Pan Am Railways
Vivian Matkivich, LAWPCA
Robert Daigle, International Paper
George Gardner, Maine Wood Treaters
Tom Thibeault, Maine Wood Treaters
Jim MacDonald, St. Lawrence & Atlantic RR Co
John Lajoie, Gas Contractors of New England
District Manager, AmeriGas
Chief Phil Crowell, Auburn Police
Timothy Cougle, Auburn Police
Donat Fournier, Sabattus EMA Director
Phil Larlee, Great Falls TV
Chief Paul Leclair, Lewiston Fire Dept
Captain Raymond Lafrance, Androscoggin Sheriffís Dept
Chief Sean Galipeau, Lisbon Fire Dept
Kevin Gagne, Lewiston Dept of Public Works
Mayor Laurent Gilbert, City of Lewiston
Phil Nadeau, City of Lewiston
Paul Labrecque, City of Lewiston
Elaine Makas, Androscoggin County Commission
Randall Greenwood, Androscoggin County Commission
Jonathan LaBonte, Androscoggin County Commission
John Bastin, Central Maine Regional Resource Center
Kris Gammon, Central Maine Regional Resource Center
Raymond Lussier, HazMat Training Specialist
Eric Lynes, American Red Cross
Wayne Cotterly, Local Government
Alden Peterson, Local Government
David Stimson, Local Government
Paul Gosselin, United Ambulance Service
Tom Doherty, United Ambulance Service
Phyllis Gamache-Jensen, Lew/Aub 911
Chief William St. Michel, Durham Fire Dept
Chief Michael Bussiere, Lewiston Police Dept
Inspector David Chick, Lewiston Police Dept
Barbara Pierce, St. Mary's Regional Medical Center
Patrick Williams, St. Mary's Regional Medical Center
Kevin Oliveira, St. Mary's Regional Medical Center
Chief Mark Bosse, Poland Fire/Rescue Dept
Dr. Jonathan Torres, WorkMed
Michael Rioux, St. Germain
Mayor Richard Gleason, City of Auburn
Glenn Aho, City of Auburn
David Galbraith, City of Auburn
Robert McAleer, Maine Emergency Management Agency
Robert Gardner, Maine Emergency Management Agency
Daniel Bickford, Central Maine Medical Center
Lee Rockvam, Central Maine Medical Center
Timothy L. Bubier, Androscoggin Unified EMA

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