LEWISTON, ME 04240-7101

JUNE 26, 2009

Committee Vice-Chair, John Silvestri, called the meeting to order at 0830 hours.

Committee members and guests present:

Joanne G. Potvin - Director, Androscoggin Unified Emergency Management Agency
Eddie Burgess – American Red Cross
Ken Allen – DCP Midstream
Kendall Putnam – Asst Plans, Trng & Ops Officer, Androscoggin Unified Emerg Mgmt Agency
Jess Smith – Pioneer Plastics
Kevin Oliveira – St. Mary’s Health Systems
Ray Potter – Bates College
Timothy Bubier – Deputy Director, Androscoggin Unified Emergency Management Agency
John McGuire – General Electric
Bob Daigle – International Paper
Brian Drexel – Safe Handling, Inc.
Robert Papsis – Tambrads P&G
Keith Ouellette – Wal-Mart Distribution Center 7014
Tom Thibeault – Maine Wood Treaters, Inc.
Stephen Brezinski – Maine Dept of Environmental Protection
David Chick – Lewiston Police Department
Ray Lussier – City of Auburn
Paul M. LeClair – Chief Lewiston Fire Department
Patrick Williams – St. Mary’s Health Systems
Wayne Werts – Chief Auburn Fire Department
Mike Minkowsky – Assistant Chief Auburn Fire Department
Keith Blais – Wal-Mart Distribution Center 7014
David White – United Ambulance Service
Dick Deans – Paris Farmers Union

There was a quorum to conduct official business of the Committee.


The Secretary's report for the meeting of 29 May was accepted with the following amendment: Committee Chair recognized Lewiston Fire Department for its Readiness Award (omitted under New Business of the agenda). Meeting minutes are now posted on the County EMA Website:


A. Committee Secretary reported there were no requests for community right-to-know information since the last meeting

B. Committee Secretary provided the SERC and SERC Training Reports – it appears that Androscoggin County will be allocated $10,981.34 for our annual stipend and $11,733.66 for Hazmat Ops and Hazmat Ops Refresher training for FY-10 (July 1, 2009 to June 30, 2010); EMA Training Report – staff continuing to work with locals on H1N1 plans and procedures – available to assist business and industry with planning and training in this area and planning checklists will be attached to the June meeting minutes; Hazmat Awareness Training was conducted for Bates Mill on June 11 with 8 attendees; ; staff is continuing to assist Sabattus local officials with their emergency operations plan development; County staff participated in the first of two state-wide County EOC exercises on June 25 (tabletop exercise) and the second will be a 24-hour functional exercise on October 29; upcoming is Bates College full-scale exercise on August 20 and will involve participation from numerous local emergency response, County EMA staff, DEP and private sector interests; Ray Lussier reported that in conjunction with Carl Allen and MEMA, he will conduct an ethanol training program (more info forthcoming)

C. Financial Report: Funds received since last meeting: $145.85 for NIMS training invoice + $159.98 for CERT/CART invoice + $ 2,478.78 for contract planner invoice + $12,330.00 for Hazmat Tech and ops Refresher training + $26,745.05 for County EMA reimbursement + $68.37 in earned interest for May for total of $41,928.03; total expenditures $440,801.23 (which includes the EMA program money turned over to County); unencumbered balance of $27,048.17; encumbered balance of $17,632.30; purchases made since last meeting – none; purchases to recommend – printing cartridges for Okidata printer approved by the Committee

D. Status of Homeland Security Grant 2007 - Where are we now?

Waiting on FY-09 HSGP to open (probably sometime this fall – no date available)

E. COBRA Team status: nothing to report

NEW BUSINESS A. K.C. Putnam, EMA’s Asst Plans, Training and Ops Officer reviewed new propane and butane cylinders approved by U.S. DOT – call K.C. for info if interested


A. Toxic Release Reports (TRI Reports) are due electronically July 1 – call this office if you have questions
B. Steve Brezinski of Maine DEP reported waste motor oil discovered in Lew/Aub Water Pollution Control Authority’s system was traced back to St. Lawrence & Atlantic Railroad
C. There are still problems with reporting spills to Maine DEP via Maine State Police – this is an on-going problem and has not been able to be rectified in the many years since it was first brought to the attention of the State Emergency Response Commission (when AR-1 Form was first introduced)


Next Meeting is JULY 31 – August 28 – September 25 – October 30 – November 20 December 18, 2009 @ 8:30 AM at the County EMA Office located at 45 Oak Street beneath Lewiston Central Fire station – please be sure to use the Oak Street entrance


Meeting adjourned at 9:07 A.M.