LEWISTON, ME  04240-7101



MAY 30, 2008


Committee Chairman, Phil Morgan, called the meeting to order at 0830 hours. 


            Committee members and guests present:


            Joanne G. Potvin - Director, Androscoggin Unified Emergency Management Agency

            Mark Ryberg – Proctor & Gamble Auburn

            Jessica Smith – Pioneer Plastics

            Kendall Putnam – Asst Plans, Training & Ops Officer, Androscoggin Unified E.M.A.

            Philip Morgan – Member-at-Large

            Paul M. LeClair – Chief Lewiston Fire Department

            Jamie Robinson – St. Lawrence & Atlantic Railroad

            Raymond Potter – Bates College

            Ken Allen – DCP Midstream

            Shawn Cordwell – United Ambulance

            Kathryn Oak – The Maine Wood Treaters

            Rob Somerville – Safe Handling, Inc.

            Stephen Brezinski – Maine Dept of Environmental Protection

            Timothy Bubier – Deputy Director, Androscoggin Unified Emergency Management Agency

            Ravi Singh – Wal-Mart Distribution Center 7014

            Jim Lawlor – Auburn Police Dept



There was a quorum to conduct official business of the Committee.





The Secretary's report for the meeting of 25 April was accepted without change.  Meeting minutes are now posted on the web site:












A.                                        Committee Secretary reported there were no requests for community right-to-know information since the last meeting


B.                                         Committee Secretary provided the SERC and SERC Training Reports – some facilities in the State have not yet reported despite receiving registered mail notices from SERC; MOU’s between MEMA and Hazmat Response Teams are being revised to remove language specific to WMD and all teams will now be all-hazmat hazards response teams; there will be discussion with Hazmat Team Chiefs relative to determining Hazmat Response Team mutual aid response resources; the funding formula for LEPC Quarterky Stipend has not changed significantly for the coming year – we will see an annual increase of $1.83 (this is not a typo – it is $1.83!!) – our LEPC budget and workplan is due to SERC July for their action at the SERC meeting of 15 July; the 2008 DOT Emergency Response Guidebooks will soon arrive at MEMA and once we receive our allotment we will begin distribution; Annual SERC Hazmat Conference is scheduled for June 11-12 at the Augusta Civic Center – there are approximately 100 registered as of may 29; EMA Training Report – Hazmat Operations Course for Sabattus Fire Department is underway and was to be completed by may 10 – there were no other training reports


C.                                         Financial Report: Funds received since last meeting: $2,764.89 for LEPC qtrly stipend + $3,662.66 for HSGP invoice (mini MERV equipment) + $1,717.37 for HSGP invoice (contract planner) + earned interest of $50.20 for April for a total of $8,201.12; total LEPC expenditures $380,147.96; unencumbered balance $27,552.36 and encumbered balance $13,479.08; purchases made since last meeting: none; purchases to recommend - none


D.                                        Status of Homeland Security Grant 2007 - Where are we now?


Communications Interoperability Grant of $4.1 million for statewide – applications are due back to the County EMA office by July 1, then must be reviewed by the County Review Committee and returned to MEMA with prioritized recommendations by 15 July – State expects to make grant awards by September


E.                                         COBRA Team status: participated in exercise with CST on April 30


F.                                          IMAT Vehicle status:  vehicle is at RCM having the communications equipment installed and should be ready for pick-up at the beginning of next week then the vehicle will be fitted with trailer hitch and trailer will be purchased along with the remainder of the miscellaneous supplies












A.          Peter Gagnon is returning for the summer as our LEPC Contract Planner – his duties will include full revision of the County Hazmat Response Plan as well as conduct facility visits as required by law; Peter’s e-mail address is


B.          Ken Allen – did presentation on DCP Cares campaign – getting individuals to call DIG SAFE before digging to avoid breaking cutting power/telephone lines and/or puncturing major and sometimes hazardous (natural gas) lines


C.          Rob Somerville of Safe handling, Inc reviewed the two events that occurred at Safe handling – the April 7 Sulfuric Acid incident that occurred during transfer of product between rail car and tanker (98 gallons lost) and the April 21 event involving a fire in the warehouse with Sodium Hydrosulfite – there were no exposures/no injuries – will arrange for staff training in release notification with the EMA staff

D.          Jessica Smith of Pioneer Plastics provided information about a recent fire in the boiler house – caused by cutting into the ceiling and a spark into the wall caused the fire


E.          Ravi Singh of Wal-Mart Distribution Center briefly spoke about the late winter roof collapse at the facility – work is underway to strengthen the structural integrity of that facility







There was no other business.





Next Meeting is  JUNE 27, JULY 25, AUGUST 29, SEPTEMBER 26, OCTOBER 31, NOVEMBER 21, DECEMBER 19 - 8:30 A.M. at Wal-Mart Distribution Center on Alfred Plourde Parkway in Lewiston (the County EMA office is very noisy due to work being completed upstairs in the fire department) – directions will be provided with the meeting reminder on Thursday.





            Meeting adjourned at 9:30 A.M.