LEWISTON, ME 04240-7101

APRIL 24, 2009

Committee Chair, Phil Morgan, called the meeting to order at 0830 hours. Introductions were done and the committee welcomed Jason Seyfried of NextEra Energy (formerly FPL).

Committee members and guests present:

Joanne G. Potvin - Director, Androscoggin Unified Emergency Management Agency
Phil Morgan – Member-at-Large
Eric Lynes – Americvan Red Cross
Danielle Nadeau-Dresser – American Red Cross
Ken Allen – DCP Midstream Kendall Putnam – Asst Plans, Trng & Ops Officer, Androscoggin Unified Emerg Mgmt Agency
Irene Gagne – Pioneer Plastics
Stephen Brezinski – Maine DEP
Jon Woodard – Maine DEP
Kevin Oliveira – St. Mary’s Health Systems
Ray Potter – Bates College
Raymond Lussier – Auburn Safety Officer
Wayne Werts – Fire Chief Auburn
Marc West – Paris Farmers Union
Jason Seyfried – FPL Energy – NextEra Energy
Vivian Matkivich – Lew-Aub Water Pollution Control Authority

There was a quorum to conduct official business of the Committee.


The Secretary's report for the meeting of 27 March was accepted without change. Meeting minutes are now posted on the County EMA Website:


A. Committee Secretary reported there were no requests for community right-to-know information since the last meeting
B. Committee Secretary provided the SERC and SERC Training Reports – SERC meeting minutes for the March meeting still not yet received; MEMA/SERC have changed from the Annual Hazmat Conference to the 1st Annual Maine Partners in Emergency Preparedness Conference which is scheduled for April 30-May 1 at the Augusta Civic Center – Conference Registration brochure/form can be accessed by going to the MEMA web site - go to the “Spotlight” box and click on the link for Maine Partners in Emergency Preparedness Conference – the page with conference info will open up and click on the Adobe link that indicates “ can be downloaded now in Adobe® .pdf format.” . If you have difficulty with this, call us and we’ll forward it hard copy for you; EMA Training Report - EMA Deputy Director, will be conducting ICS 300 training for the municipality of Wales on April 30 and May 2 and will be conducting ICS-400 on May 7 and 9; CERT Exercise date of May 23 is tentative; ICS 100/700 for the new County Commissioners will be held on June 24 (time not yet determined) and County EMA will be participating in a state-wide exercise for all Counties on January 25; Vivian Matkivich of Lewiston-Auburn Water Pollution Control Authority circulated a brochure announcing a 4-hour training program dealing with responding to ammonia incidents on April 28 at Lewiston Police Dept
C. Financial Report: Funds received since last meeting: $2,765.35 for quarterly LEPC stipend + $1,364.97 for contract planner + $141.56 for CERT invoices + $68.03 in earned interest for March for total of $4,669.91; total expenditures $ 401,513.18 (which includes $330 that had to be forwarded to County for disaster reimbursement which was included in the LEPC stipend check); unencumbered balance of $26,823.05; encumbered balance of $15,163.40; purchases made since last meeting – none; purchases to recommend - none
D. Status of Homeland Security Grant 2007 - Where are we now?
With the leftover FY-06 HSGP money that was made available for a second round of portable/mobile radio sets, Durham, Greene, Livermore Falls, Minot, Sabattus and Turner Were awarded grants; for the generator transmission switches at critical facilities, Sabattus and Minot were awarded grants
E. COBRA Team status: team responded to a “suspicious powder” incident at TD Banknorth on 4/23


A. None


A. Hazmat Team Chief, Sgt Whalen of Lewiston PD, reported on the “white powder” incident which took place on April 23 at TD Banknorth; still waiting on report from State Lab put initial tests performed by the team determined it was not “anthrax”; there was discussion on who is supposed to report to who and who is responsible for certain notification – Joanne will follow-up with MEMA and Maine DEP


Next Meeting is MAY 29 – June 26 – July 31 – August 28 – September 25 – October 30 – November 20 December 18, 2009 @ 8:30 AM at the County EMA Office located at 45 Oak Street beneath Lewiston Central Fire station – please be sure to use the Oak Street entrance


Meeting adjourned at 9:25 A.M.