FEBRUARY 29,  2008


Committee Chairman, Phil Morgan, called the meeting to order at 0830 hours. 


            Committee members and guests present:


            Joanne G. Potvin - Director, Androscoggin Unified Emergency Management Agency

            Raymond Potter - Bates College/Underhill Arena

            Mark Ryberg – Proctor & Gamble Auburn

            Tim Bubier – Deputy Director, Androscoggin Unified Emergency Management Agency

            Vivian Matkivich – Lew/Aub Water Pollution Control Authority

            Irene A. Gagne – Pioneer Plastics

            Kendall Putnam – Asst Plans, Training & Ops Officer, Androscoggin Unified E.M.A.

            Andre Marquis – Planning Associate, Androscoggin Unified Emergency Management Agency

            Philip Morgan – At Large

            Rob Somerville – Safe Handling, Inc.

            David Chick – Lewiston Police Department

            Paul M. LeClair – Chief Lewiston Fire Department

            Jeremy Wherren – International Paper

            James L. Lawlor – Auburn Police Department

            Ravi Singh – Wal-Mart Distribution Center 7014

            John Silvestri – Knight-Celotex, Lisbon Falls



There was a quorum to conduct official business of the Committee.





The Secretary's report for the meeting of 25 January was accepted without change.  Meeting minutes are now posted on the web site: http://www.androscogginema.org






A.                                        Committee Secretary reported there were no requests for community right-to-know information since the last meeting


B.                                         Committee Secretary provided the SERC and SERC Training Reports – no meeting minutes from the past meetings yet received; next SERC meeting is scheduled for March 18; Hazmat Safety Officer Course will be offered May 6-8 at MEMA (Florian Hall) – members of state-recognized HM/WMD response teams will be given first priority to fill the seats; the annual SERC Hazmat conference will be held on June 11-12 at the Augusta Civic Center and SERC promises more information as the date draws closer – for now, pen in these dates on your calendars; EMA Training Report – St. Lawrence & Atlantic RR conducted an orientation session with one platoon from Auburn Fire Dept on each of the Saturdays in February so that personnel are familiar with what is at the Lewiston Junction Road engine service facility; phase two of the Tri-County / three-phase exercise is the Functional Exercise and will be conducted on May 3 in Canton and part three, the full-scale exercise, will be conducted on October 11;  there was no other training to report on


C.                                         Financial Report: Funds received since last meeting: $2,764.89 for LEPC qtrly stipend + $1,686.22for HSGP invoices (contract planner) + January earned interest of $55.63 for a total of $4,456.74; total LEPC expenditures $370,657.47; unencumbered balance $27,055.84 and encumbered balance $11,563.98; purchases made since last meeting:  none  -  purchases to recommend: replacement of “CAMEO” laser printer (nearly 6 years old and 2 years ago cost $175 to repair the finishing drum) which “died” last week – Staples in Lewiston has one network-ready Okidata c5500 for $349.00 after the mail-in rebate of $250.00 which is in effect until March 1 (would need to purchase on this date – February 29 to qualify for the rebate) – other prices obtained include Xerox Laser Printer for $649.98 before $50.00 instant coupon; Brother HL 4070 for $499.98; HP CP3505 for $899.98; HP 2605dtn for $699.98; HP 3600 series for $699.98 all from Staples – Amazon.com has a Brother HL 4070 for $472.21 – CompuDirect.net has Okidata c5500 for $579.63 and an Okidata c5800Ldn for $765.32 – SUPERWarehouse.com has Okidata c5500 for $401.32  -  the Committee approved the purchase of the Okidata c5500 from Staples in Lewiston for $349.00 before the mail-in rebate of $250.00


D.                                        Status of Homeland Security Grant 2007 - Where are we now?


Nothing new to report on


E.                                         COBRA Team status: no responses to report on since the last meeting        





A.        Joanne provided another reminder that the 2007 Chemical Inventory Reports will be due ELECTRONICALLY on March 1 – if you need assistance, please contact the EMA office and we’ll be happy to assist you


B.        Enforcement by U.S. EPA against three Maine businesses – two in Androscoggin County are Murray Oil in Turner and Lisbon Fuel Company in Lisbon – each was fined $2,000 for failing to make annual chemical inventory reports


C.        No updated plans for the following facilities:  Lake Auburn Chemical Feed Facility, maine Oxy, US Army Reserve Center in Auburn and XRay of Rhode Island in Auburn – letters will be send out next week


D.        Joanne discussed Maine Emergency Management Agency’s initiative to establish 4 Level 3 IMATs (Incident Management Assistance Teams) throughout the State and reviewed the requirements to be part of a Level 3 Team; given that this County would not be able to commit to this major project as the current “owners” of the large command/communications vehicle, also known as MERV, that vehicle will be transferred to State Forestry which already has a trained team; in return, we have been given authority to purchase and equip a smaller vehicle (picking up a Ford 350E Cargo Van) to be used as a Level 4 IMAT vehicle (with far less stringent training, response and maintenance requirements) – this new vehicle will be more available to easier to use by local public safety as it will not be as intimidating to use as MERV (in over two years, MERV has been only used once for an actual emergency [search/rescue operation] and used for a couple of non-emergency events and an exercise in Sagadahoc County); a meeting will be scheduled in the near future with the County’s police and fire chiefs to review this change; Lewiston Fire Chief has voiced his opposition to this transfer and LEPC Vice Chair has suggested that perhaps the LEPC should support this opposition with a letter to the State EMA Director


E.         Irene Gagne, of Pioneer Plastics, has suggested that facilities share their training schedules so that any with a training need might be able to take advantage of joining in on someone else’s training – same goes for public safety.  NOTE:  For future meetings, please bring your training information that might be useful to another facility or public safety entity







A.        Androscoggin EMA’s Asst Plans, Training and Operations Officer, K.C. Putnam, did a presentation on development of Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT)





Next Meeting is MARCH 28, APRIL 25, MAY 30, JUNE 27, JULY 25, AUGUST 29, SEPTEMBER 26, OCTOBER 31, NOVEMBER 21, DECEMBER 19 - 8:30 A.M. at the Androscoggin Unified Emergency  Management Agency located beneath Lewiston Fire Headquarters at 45 Oak Street in Lewiston – please be sure to use the Oak Street entrance to the EMA office.





            Meeting adjourned at 9:55 A.M.