Androscoggin County
Local Emergency Planning Committee

Welcome to the Androscoggin County LEPC web site. The Androscoggin Chemical Emergency Planning Committee maintains this site as part its Community Right to Know responsibility under SARA Title III.

What are SARA and LEPC?

On October 16, 1986 the Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act (SARA) was signed into law. Title III of this act is also know as the Emergency Planning and Community Right to Know Act (EPCRA). This act was to empower citizens and emergency responders with the Right to Know what chemicals existed in the communities where they lived and worked. It mandated planning for chemical emergencies and established a chain of command to assure that the requirements were met.

The Governor of each state was required to appoint a State Emergency Response Commission (SERC). The SERC then divided up the state into Local Emergency Planning Districts (LEPD) and for each LEPD there was to be a Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) appointed.

The LEPC had to have representatives from specific areas that would have knowledge and interests in environmental emergency planning.

The LEPC includes:

Fire Departments
Transportation Industries
Emergency Planners
Police Departments
Municipal Government
County Government
Health Care Providers
Federal Government
Public Information Coordinator
About Us

Androscoggin LEPC may be contacted at:

2 College St.
Lewiston, ME 04240-7101

Telephone: 207-784-0147

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